Soil Moisture Probe and Weather Station data now publicly available in Lima East area

Login to see local weather and soil probe (moisture and temperature) data.

The Gecko CLaN project titled: Strategic farming practices for soil, catchments, water and climate resilience has installed a weather station and soil moisture probes on the trial site at Lima East (just out of Swanpool).

A public login has been created.  To view the weather station and soil moisture probe data online use the following instructions.

Go to:

Enter the following user name: [email protected]

Enter the following password: password

You should now see the following page:

Field days will be held soon on how to best use this data to benefit your grazing enterprise.  Keep and eye on the Gecko CLaN website for upcoming events.

For further information about this project and access to soil probe and weather station data, please contact Kerri Robson at: [email protected]