Time to start your blackberry control

From the beginning of November onwards is the ideal time to commence blackberry control works.

  Local Landcare groups across the Gecko CLaN region have resources available to assist land holders.

Resources vary from group to group but can include:

  • Spray cart hire;

  • Field days on black berry control techniques;

  • Subsidies for chemicals.


  • The Gecko CLaN is also working with local governments to coordinate priority roadways for blackberry control.  Roadside weed control is managed by Local Government and prioritised to support landholders also taking action.

  • To find out more or seek support with your blackberry control works contact your local Landcare group through the links here, or contact Kerri Robson on Phone: 0418 140 710 or Email: [email protected]



For further information check out the Gecko CLaN Pest Plant and Animal Project Page here