Dung Beetle Project

Gecko Clan's recently completed dung beetle project was a joint project in partnership with the South West Goulburn Landcare Network and a fantastic group of landholder participants. The project aimed to introduce two new species of dung beetles to Australia (Bubus bubalus and Onthophagus vacca) through establishing a series of breeding nurseries on properties throughout the catchment.

Watch a short video about our project here and read the full story on the Landcare Victoria website for more information.

Thank you to Landcare Victoria for visiting our region and producing this video.

Group members of the Gecko CLaN Network have been farming Dung Beetles over covid lockdowns and isolations.

The specific breed we are farming works to breakdown manure in spring and now fills a seasonal gap in beetle species present in the Goulburn Broken catchment.

We are seeing some positive results and many beetles are now being shared to neighbouring landholders to assist in healthy soils and stock.

Have a listen to our radio interview and flick through our Dung Beetle guide attached. As always, please contact us with any queries and questions.