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Adaptation Stories: Using technology for dryland farming adaptation to climate change

Gecko Clan Webinar – Local technology for dryland farming decision making

Using technology for dryland farming adaptation to climate change

The Gecko Clan Landcare Network with support from the Community Climate Adaption Grant State Government has established three dryland farming sites across the Hume Region to monitor soil temperature, moisture, and local rainfall. This project will expand the network to include additional monitoring sites to provide the local information required by dryland farmers to make management decision under a future of climate change.Following the establishment of each monitoring site a local field day will be held to assist land managers to log in and access the monitoring site. Information will be provided on how to use the data collected for improved farm decision making.

The data will also assist in understanding Grass Grow modelling outputs based on local sites which will provide a forecast for pasture growth and availability for the winter and early spring.

Using modelled pasture forecast to explore potential management decision such as likely grazing capacity, ground cover management, sowing times, fertiliser application, silage and hay cutting times, supplementary feeding needs and potential stock sales or agistment opportunities.
Sites with weather station, moisture probes are:

  • Strathbogie
  • Balmattum
  • Caniambo
  • Lake Rowan
  • Lima east
  • Warrenbayne
  • Strathbogie Bore

How to view weather station and moisture probe data.

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