Biosecurity Planning and Management

Biosecurity management is important for keeping your farm disease and pest free and ensuring our farm produce has access to international markets.

All farms should have a biosecurity plan. The plan assesses the risks relevant to your property. Some of the risks to your farm may include:

  • Livestock movement to or from your farm
  • Wild animals
  • Pest plants and weeds
  • Contractors or utility service workers moving through multiple properties
  • Dirty delivery vehicles
  • Lack of wash-down facilities
  • Visitors to your farm who have been to other hotspot areas

To support farmers and Landcare groups, the Gecko Clan with the support of Agriculture Victoria runs biosecurity planning workshops. See the events page for upcoming workshops and field days.

Online industry toolkits are a great free resource for you to develop a biosecurity plan specific to your property. Free online toolkits can be found here.

Agriculture Victoria biosecurity information can be found here.

The Gecko Clan assists member Landcare groups manage biosecurity at field days and events by providing advice on reducing your risk and access to sign-in sheets and foot-baths.

For further information or assistance about farm biosecurity contact your local Landcare group or Gecko Clan Landcare Network on ph. 0418 140 710.