Swanpool Environmental Film Festival – 24 June 2017

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Dear Landcare friends

The Swanpool Environmental Film Festival is now an annual event, thanks to your ongoing support.  This is our fifth festival and we have a great line up of speakers and films for you.  It follows the same format – three sessions with guest speakers and films to match, separated by afternoon tea and an evening meal served up by the Swanpool Catering Team.  The cost this year is $25 per head (cash please), and a reminder that bookings are essential for seating and catering.

A flyer and a more detailed program are attached – with special thanks to our partners and sponsors for their support once again.

SEFF 2017 Program

SEFF 2017 flyer

Julian Cribb spoke in our district back in 2012, courtesy of GBCMA. The title of Julian’s talk this time around, ‘Surviving the 21st Century’, is the title of his most recent book.
According to his book summary, ‘This book brings together in one clear, easy-to-read work the principal issues facing humanity – and what we can do about them’.
The film to go with the talk, ‘The Age of Stupid’, starring Peter Postlethwaite, was Julian’s own selection.

When Dr Richard David Hames heard the title of Julian’s talk he had to opt for ‘Burying the 20th Century’.  That’s the title of his own second book.  The film ‘The Age of Consequences’ was a popular choice of Landcare members and fits well with RDH’s talk theme.

So, somewhat by chance, we’ve ended up with ‘Burying the 20th Century’ followed by ‘Surviving the 21st Century’ … and ‘The Age of Consequences’ followed by ‘The Age of Stupid’.

Our final speaker, Prof Sharon Beder, comes from an engineering background but her interests have moved more to the humanities and environmental matters.  We’re at a critical time in our social history and we look forward to her talk ‘Business- Managed Democracy’.  It’s followed by the film ‘The Bentley Effect’ which has a positive ending.

Last year’s SEFF was a resounding success with people going home saying, “Can’t wait for next year’s”.  Well here’s your chance and do please bring your friends along.  It would be nice to have a full house for these eminent speakers and top-rated films.

Thanks everyone,
Ian Herbert
Event Organiser