Balmattum/Sheans Creek Landcare Group

Date: Friday 1st December 9:30am -1:00pm at
Richard Mc Geehan Farm – 427 Balmattum Siding road, Balmattum
( Look out for the landcare signs and please wear property foot ware and clothing for paddock walk )
See the on farm benefits of fencing out your water way.
How do I manage my water on farm, once fenced out
New Technology to assist with water management
Gecko Clan, in conjunction with Agricultural Victoria Service and Goulburn Broken CMA are running a short information session for farmers and landholders. Using a real case studies, hear about the benefits of fencing out your water ways, your water requirements for stock, domestic and fire.
  • Water needs assessment ( how much do I have in storage for the home, fire and your livestock)
  • Evaluating water reserves (evaporation rates)
  • Options for meeting water requirements (flow rates, pumps, tanks and troughs )
  • Livestock management options, contingency and trigger points.
  • Wireless Water level monitoring and solar pump demonstration
This is a free event with lunch provided Please RSVP by the 29th November to Kerri Robson on:
M: 0418 140710 Email:[email protected] for more information go to
Click here for a flyer about the field day and event details.


The group area historically encompasses Faithfull and Sheans creeks, both hills and plains areas, and was formed in 1993. The group was formed to combat Pattersons Curse and other weeds, salinity, rabbits and erosion control along waterways.

Key projects include:

  • Paterson’s Curse Control on Private Land – Further information about this project can be found below
  • Tunnel erosion and salinity on fragile granite soils.
  • Weed control along roadsides in partership with Strathbogie Shire Council.
  • Dispersal of funds for weed control to local landholders.
  • Field days on rabbit control (further information below)

Key Contact for Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare:

Suzanne Gall – President

Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare Inc.

Now meeting at the Balmattum CFA Shed – contact us about the next meeting

Mobile: 0499 015 240   Email: [email protected]

Lee Thistlethwaite
Email: [email protected]

“Paterson’s Curse is only a problem when landholders no longer consider it a problem”

Paterson’s Curse is a weed has significant costs to agriculture production.  Agriculture Victoria state that ‘Paterson’s curse is poisonous to grazing animals. The plant contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which cause cumulative chronic liver damage, loss of condition and sometimes death.’  It is listed as a Weed of Regional Significance under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (VIC).  This status means that “Land owners have the responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent the growth and spread of Regionally controlled weeds on their land.”

The Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare Group have prepared the following information to assist landholders in the region assess and control Paterson’s Curse on their properties.

How much of a problem do I have?

The level of infestation on your land can be estimated using the following photos as a guide.  This information is useful for determining the most effective treatment options for your land.

Less than 10% infestation
Less than 10% infestation


50% Infestation
100% Infestation

What are my options for treatment?

The Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare Group can provide advise to landholders on the best methods for treatment depending on your level of infestation, the topography of your land, as well as the landholder capacity.

Cultural Control Methods:

The Paterson’s Curse Management Handbook released by Tom Morely and Peter Stapleton in 1999 identify a number of control methods.  These include:

  • Hand weeding;
  • Cultivation;
  • Pasture competition;
  • Slashing/ mowing;
  • Grazing;
  • Burning.

It is likely that a combination of the above methods would be best suited to your property.  Contact the Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare group for more information about how you can apply these methods.

Biological Control:

The Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare Group are initiating biological control trials in our region.  Biological controls utilise a range of insects that affect the growth and spread of Paterson’s Curse.  An example of this is the Paterson’s curse flower feeding beetle Meligethes planiusculus .  This beetle causes damage to the flowers and developing seed by feeding on them, thus reducing seed production.

Further information about biological controls for Paterson’s Curse can be found here.

Chemical treatment:

The Balmattum Sheans Creek Landcare Group have coordinated an aerial spraying program.  The best time for chemical treatment of Paterson’s Curse is in late autumn.  Over the pre-summer months when the flowers can be seen, landholders are advised to take photos of the extent of the infestation.  This ensures that the appropriate areas are treated when chemical treatment is most effective.

Many Landcare groups across the Gecko CLaN regional also have herbicide spray carts available for hire.  Information about this can be sought from Kerri Robson (email: [email protected]).

Agronomist contact for spraying advice – Sarah Hill at Landmark has been our advocate over the last 6 months and has offered free advice to our members – her contact details are Landmark Euroa and her mobile is  0400 884 058. Sarah can provide advice to land holders of appropriate chemicals for treatment of Patersons Curse.

What should I do first?

Your first course of action should be to estimate the extent of your infestation.  The photos above can assist with this.

Once you have an understanding of this can seek advice from your local Landcare Group as to the most effective treatment for your property.

Where can I find further information?

In addition to contacting your local Landcare group links to further information are attached below.

Agriculture Victoria – Paterson’s Curse Information

Weeds of the Goulburn Broken Catchment – Field Guide

Biological Control of Paterson’s Curse

MLA Patersons Curse Case Study

Rabbit Control Field Day

Great interest in the field day
Great interest in the field day
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for fumigation of burrows
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for fumigation of burrows
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade
Excavator demonstrating burrow ripping
Excavator demonstrating burrow ripping

For further information about this project contact the Balmattum/Sheans Creek Landcare Group



For further information about this project contact the Balmattum/Sheans Creek Landcare Group

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