Water on farms project Mark II data being recorded




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dam level sensor

The Gecko CLaN has successfully received funding to implement Mark II of the Water on farms project.  The project has the aim to improve landholders knowledge around water management and will be implemented throughout 2017 and 2018.

Real-time data is being recorded from the Lima East trial site.  To view the data use the following instructions.

To view the live tank and dam level data, weather station data and tank flow rate data follow these instructions:

Go to: https://www.obsrv.it/

Enter the following user name: [email protected]

Enter the following password: password

The second implementation of this project will focus on best practice dam design and construction, where to site farm dams, use of new technologies to monitor farm water supplies and dam water levels,  how to minimise losses from dams and planning your stock water requirements.

(right: Installation of dam water level meter)

A number of trial sites are being established across the Gecko CLaN region.  Some of the technology being trialled can be seen in the slide show above.

Landcare groups interested in participating in this project are encouraged to contact Landcare Facilitator at [email protected]

post dam survey(dam post construction survey)

WP_20150916_005 (Above: Inspection of solar pump)

Mark I of this project used real case studies and presented opportunities for farmers to hear about the various water requirements for stock, domestic and fire to make decisions.

The topics covered at field days include:

  • Water needs assessment (how much do I have in storage for the home and your livestock)
  • Evaluating water reserves (evaporation rates)
  • Options for meeting water requirements (flow rates, pumps, tanks and troughs)
    Livestock management options and contingency
  • Demonstration on how to measure you dam depth and calculate its storage potential.
  • Wireless Water level monitoring and solar pump demonstration

To view the video and see more on this project follow this link.

For more information about this project contact Kerri Robson on 0418 140 710