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Tax time – Primary producers able to claim deductions for Landcare related capital costs

Primary production businesses on land in Australia,  may be eligible to claim income tax deductions for certain capital costs.

To support the efforts of Australians protecting our rural landscape, the Australian Government provides tax benefits for land managers.  You can claim a deduction in the year you incur capital expenditure on a Landcare related projects.

For example, riparian management works you can claim the cost of include:

  • fencing to keep livestock out of creeks or other waterways that run through your farmland
  • off point water supply installations, including pumps, pipes and other components to get water into a trough from a waterway
  • reticulation systems for riparian revegetation activities
  • culverts.

For more information, read the Australian Tax Office’s fact sheet here: Tax Deductions for Landcare related works

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