How much fertiliser is enough? Phosphorus Calculator

The ‘How much fertiliser is enough?’ field day was held on Tuesday 8th April at Molyullah Hall. The day was presented by Sue Briggs who demonstrated Holbrook Landcare and DEPI’s new Phosphorus calculator, enabling greater efficiencies in phosphorus application. The day provided participants with a greater understanding of how the phosphorus cycle works, types and importance of soil tests and where the risk factors or variables are in the system.

The tools allows users to determine rates (maintenance and target levels) and costs, providing accurate figures on which to make decisions on how to spent the limited bucket of money. The phosphorous calculator is an Excel spreadsheet with instructions that can be downloaded from the Holbrook Landcare Network site:

The next Resilient Sustainable Agriculture field day in the series will be about stock handling, yard design, weighing and scanning technology and market trends.