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Swanpool Landcare Inc. started out as the ‘Swanpool & District Land Protection Group’ and only recently changed it’s name to the more abbreviated form. The group has been operating since the late 1980s on projects related to sustainable farming, pest animals and weeds. One of the early projects was on Lime Trials to test coxfoot growth at various dosages and incorporation. The group also used local facilitators to contact and assist landholders with related works.

In more recent years there has been more emphasis on biodiversity with tree planting along roadsides and riparian zones. Swanpool and district is home to the unique and threatened species, the Lima Stringybark (alligatrix eucalyptus limaensis) which was only identified in 1990. Recent projects such as ‘SOS – Save Our Stringy’ have encouraged protection and selected planting. We annually maintain and enhance a stretch of the Lima East Creek. Blackberry eradication is ongoing.

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We can now say that we have three arrows to our bow – sustainable farming, biodiversity and community support. Many of our Landcare volunteers play active roles in other community groups and one in particular stands out – Swanpool Cinema. Having this unique facility allows the group to play host and screen films for Landcare related film nights and events. Most notable has been the annual hosting of the Swanpool Environmental Film Festival in June, in partnership with the Gecko CLaN and the Benalla Sustainable Future Group. In June 2014 Swanpool also hosted the GBCMA Regional NRM Awards, making full use of the upgraded cinema and hall facilities.

Swanpool Landcare meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 7.30 pm / 8.00 pm (during DST) in the supper room of the Swanpool Hall. All welcome.

Would you like to become a member?

We invite you to complete our online membership form and become a valued member of our group. Please make your payment to the bank account specified at the top of the online form.

For more information contact:

Secretary – Pam Maple at [email protected]

Landcare Facilitator – Claire Birch at [email protected]

Would you like to make a donation to Swanpool Landcare? Follow the link or the QR code to Landcare Victoria’s donation website. Be sure to enter the name Swanpool Landcare in the space that says I would like to support a particular group if you would like your donation to go to Swanpool Landcare.

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