Molyullah/Tatong Tree and Land Protection Group

Molyullah/Tatong Tree and Land Protection Group deliver projects including a soil carbon project (alternative fertilisers) and pest plant and animal control projects.

For information on Molyullah/Tatong Tree and Land Protection Group please contact

Andrew Marriot Email: [email protected] or Francis Fisher Email: [email protected]

For further information contact the Gecko CLaN (03) 5761 1560.

Member attending workshops on how to build soil carbon

Assessing soil carbon in the field based on soil colour and the presence of worms.

Blackberry Control Field Day

Blackberrys are a declared noxious weed and has a significant impact on agricultural production. Our group have been pursuing control of this weed for a number of years. We invite all landholders to attend the Field day and to learn more about the options for control and available support.

Sunday , November 19th 10:30 Start Upper Ryans Creek Road.

Click here for a flyer about the field day and event details.

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