Granite Creeks Project (Landcare network)


The Granite Creeks Project is a rabbit control project that encompasses six local Landcare groups within the Gecko CLaN:

  • Balmattum/Sheans Creek Landcare Group
  • Strathbogie Tablelands Landcare Group
  • Gooram Valley Landcare Group
  • Creighton Creek Landcare Group
  • Longwood East Landcare Group
  • Burnt Creek Landcare Group

Coverage of the work being coordinated by the Granite Creeks Project has featured on ABC Landline Program.  A link to the program can be found here: Landline 2 May 2016

Neil Devanny of the Granite Creeks Landcare Project  presented on Integrated Rabbit Control at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo 2016.

A copy of the presentation can be found here: Seymour Alt Farming Expo Rabbit Presentation (7.2MB)

For further information please contact Landcare Project Officer Kerri Robson on (03) 5763 2465.

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