Dookie Land Management Group

The Dookie Land Management Group delivers a range of projects on biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and pest plant and animal control.

Dookie Land Management Group have been successful in obtaining funding from the federal government for their project, ‘Optimising Inputs to Match Soil Moisture’.This project includes eight soil moisture probes that are installed around the Dookie region in dryland cropping situations. All sites comprise of an 120cm soil probe measuring soil moisture, soil temperature and soil EC levels. As these probes are buried at depth to avoid machinery, there is also a single sensor probe installed at 10cm below the surface. Six of the sites are also equipped with air temperature, relative humidity and rainfall sensors.

Data from all sensors can be viewed here:


For further information about the group and projects please  contact Gecko CLaN (03) 5761 1560 or Email Kerri Robson [email protected].

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