Fred Provenza Inspires with Animal Behaviour and Nutrition

Fred Provenza inspired audiences with new innovative concepts at the one day workshop, ‘How Behaviour Links Humans, Animals and Landscapes’ at Swanpool Hall on Monday 12th May. Fred Provenza discussed the functional relationships and processes that occur between animals and their landscapes. The focus of the day was analysing how the environment can be enhanced through grazing, and behavioural processes.

Fred spoke about a range of topics including trace element deficiencies in soil and in stock, the role of taste and feedback relationships, the role of weeds in an enterprise and re-evaluating their use, and nutrients availability and palatability. His publication, ‘The Wisdom Body’ details these concepts.

The presentation was followed by a visit to Bill Hill’s Shrubs for Emissions Reduction and Carbon Sequestration (SERCS) trial site at Warrenbayne. The project is trialling the use of Australian native shrubs for grazing, and their impact on methane emissions and animal nutrition. The workshop was made possible with thanks to funding from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority.

For further information about Fred Provenza’s work go to or Bill Hill’s website