FAQ on new rabbit RHDV1 (calicivirus) K5 release

Granite Creeks Project has released an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet on the new rabbit RHDV1 (calicivirus) K5 release.

The FAQ sheet will remain available on the Gecko CLaN Pest Plant and Animals Project Page or is available from the link here.

For further information contact the Granite Creek Project or Kerri Robson on ph. 0418 140 710
National results from CSIRO RHDV testing results for December 2017:

  • No results of RHDV K5 were detected in December
  • RHDV2 is still the dominant strain and active.
  • The recombinant* RHDVa-China/RHDV2 is still being detected in certain localities. * Recombinant Virus – a virus formed by recombining genetic material.
  • The RCV-A1/RHDV2 recombinant* was detected in a domestic rabbit in Victoria. This is the second detection of this strain.
    CSIRO are seeing a lot of negative results. There is no conclusive reason for the negative test results.

This data set is collated from samples provided by community and government stakeholders through Rabbit Scan. This is the primary method that allows us to detect, track and monitor the spread and impact of RHDV1 K5 away from the release sites. For more information, visit https://www.feralscan.org.au/rabbitscan/map.aspx?mapMode=rhdv. The website provides information by state and strain detected.

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