Tree Planting for Squirrel Gliders

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Date(s) - Friday, July 15, 2022
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Earlston Fire Shed


About this event

Sheep Pen Creek Land Management Group is hosting a planting day to help improve habitat along roadsides for the threatened Squirrel Glider. This will be our major community planting event this year so please join in if you can.

For planning and catering purposes, please RSVP to our Landcare project officer: Ali Piper on 0459953669 or Ali Grimm [email protected]

What are we doing and why?

Squirrel Gliders are a threatened mammal which we are fortunate enough to still having live in our district. But they can only glide a maximum of 40 metres from the top of one mature tree to the base of the next. Otherwise they have to come down to the ground where they are vulnerable to being eaten by cats and foxes. Local biologists Bertram Lobert has mapped roadside gaps of > 25 metres across the Landcare district and we will be putting a few trees and shrubs back into these gaps so that, in future, the tree cover is connected and safer for travel from a glider perspective. We will also add clumps of wattles in some gaps to provide an additional food source in terms of the sap and insects.

What should you bring?

We will be planting in teams, with each team including:

  • someone whipper-snipping or brush-cutting
  • a person raking back the cut grass
  • someone herbiciding with backpack sprayers (herbicide provided)
  • 2 people planting and guarding
  • someone watering.

If you can bring some of these tools/equipment to help with any of these tasks, that would be really helpful.

Also, as we are planting on roadsides, please think about safety in terms of vehicles and plan accordingly.